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Program Basics

Welcome to your first source for info on UNC’s Howard Hughes Medical Institute Future Scientists and Clinicians (HHMI-FSC) undergraduate fellowship program.

This program was designed to run for four years and unfortunately, it ended in the summer of 2014. The continued maintenance of this site is meant to serve past participants and anyone who wants to learn about what was offered between 2011-2014.

The HHMI-FSC fellowship was a program for Carolina Covenant Scholars who wanted to do biomedical research at UNC during the summers. Fellowship awardees received $5,000 to work in the lab full-time (40 hours/week) for ten weeks, starting in mid-May and going until late July.

From 2011 – 2014, HHMI-FSC fellowships were awarded to Carolina Covenant Scholars to undertake full-time research under the guidance of faculty advisors and graduate student or postdoc co-mentors. In addition to carrying out research in the lab, undergraduate fellows attended weekly meetings with their peers where they worked on a range of skills necessary for success in science, including effective communication about their own research to people with varying levels of scientific expertise. Fellows also had an opportunity to visit a biotech company or government research facility in Research Triangle Park.

Until the final year of the program, fellowships were awarded for two consecutive summers. Unfortunately, we could only offer fellowship support for one summer to those who joined the program in 2014.

The FSC program was offered through UNC’s Office for Undergraduate Research and was part of a broader Science Learning Communities program that was supported by a grant from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute through the Precollege and Undergraduate Science Education Program.

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FSC fellows visit the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences in Research Triangle Park (July, 2013)


FSC fellows visit Advanced Liquid Logic in Research Triangle Park (July, 2012)